Clint H6, DAB+ and Streaming adap.

107,41 EUR escl. IVA
Upgrade existing Hi-Fi systems with DAB+/FM/Internet Radio/DLNA/Spotify Connect. Require Wi-Fi connection.

Clint H6 is a multi purpose Audio adaptor for streaming
(Spotify Connect, DLNA, Internet Radio) and DAB/FM Radio.
H6 is the ultimate streaming and radio upgrade for your existing Hi-Fi system.
Clint H6 has telescopic antenne on the rear side for DAB/DAB+/FM.
And built-in antenna for your wireless network (Wi-Fi compatible),
for enjoying Internet Radio and Spotify streaming etc.
Easy to operate using the simple remote control which is included.
Connecting H6 to your existing Hi-Fi Line-In (AUX-In) is easily done
using the included RCA cable.
Alarm function is built-in as well, so H6 can work as a clock radio.


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107,41 EUR escl. IVA

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