MicroLamp Projector Lamp for Epson

84,71 EUR escl. IVA
3000 Hours, 220 Watt fit for Epson EB-440W, EB-450W, EB-450Wi, EB-455Wi, EB-460, EB-460I, EB-465I



ELPLP57 / V13H010L57, 1525690
  • 100+ in magazzino
84,71 EUR escl. IVA

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6 Tips for a longer lamp life:

  1. Never touch the lamp - use a cloth.
  2. Never touch the glass - use gloves.
  3. Keep the air filter clean - keeps the lamp cool.
  4. Never switch off the projector by disconnecting the power. Use the normal procedure to secure proper cool down.
  5. Do not create vibrations or move the lamp when it is warm - it's very fragile.
  6. On projectors with hi/low mode use the low when possible.

Enjoy your MicroLamp

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